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God's Precious Gift: A Special Needs Child - Paperback

God's Precious Gift: A Special Needs Child is the heartwarming story of a mom and a dad who find out that their daughter has special needs. They take the news to prayer where Jesus answers them. He helps them to understand that their child is a blessing and a gift to them just the way she is, not in spite of her special needs, but because of them.

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God's Precious Gift: A Companion Coloring Book

This companion coloring book is full of beautiful illustrations drawn directly from the children's book "God's Precious Gift: A Special Needs Child," - a heartwarming story about God's love for children with special needs and their families. This book makes a great gift for any child who loves to color. It serves as a fun reminder of what a precious gift from God each child is This book is great for children ages 4 to 10 years.

What you will find inside the book:

• 25 unique designs either directly or indirectly drawn from or inspired by the book "God's Precious Gift: A Special Needs Child".

• Single sided designs, with encouraging thoughts and questions about God's love in the backgrounds.

• A nice large format (8.5 by 11 inch) for kids to enjoy.

• Age appropriate coloring pages for primary age children under 10 years, with Christian based themes, including: family, parents, children, babies, special needs, disabilities, leaning on God, God's love, Jesus, Heaven, saints, prayer, and more.

Activities such as coloring can improve your child's pencil grip, as well as helping them to relax, self-regulate their mood and develop their imagination.

So, if your child loved "God's Precious Gift: A Special Needs Child" or just loves to color inspiring, Christian based art, then order your copy today.

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