What are "Intercessions"? 

It is a common practice in Christianity to ask for other people to pray to God for an intention of yours on your behalf. This is called a person's intercession

In Catholicism we take it a step further and ask not only for the intercession of the living (the Church Militant), but also of those who have already fallen asleep (the Church Triumphant) who have already joined God in Heaven. We are confident that they are already as close to God as anyone can hope to be and that God hears their prayers clearly. 

Intercede for what?

Please join the Faul family in asking for the intercession of the two holy people mentioned below, Venerable Jerome LeJeune and Servant of God Charlene Richard. 

The Faul's prayer intention is for the "complete and miraculous healing" of their daughter, Grace, of her tuberous sclerosis complex and all its accompanying complications. 

Both Jerome LeJeune and Charlene Richard are in the process of canonization (becoming a recognized saint) and they are both in the stage of the process when the Vatican is waiting for a verified miracle to be attributed to their intercession. 

The Faul's are praying for just such a miracle.

Servant of God Charlene Richard

Charlene was born January 13, 1947. After being diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia, she died on August 11, 1959, at the age of 12. During her confinement in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Lafayette, LA, the very same hospital where Grace Faul was born and also diagnosed with infantile spasms and tuberous sclerosis complex, Charlene would offer her prayers and suffering to God each day for the benefit of others.

"She was a faith-filled little girl", said Fr Joseph Brennan, a priest for the Diocese of Lafayette, LA, who was serving as hospital chaplain and ministered to Charlene during her final days.

"I see Charlene as a witness for people of all ages to the power of resignation and acceptance of God's will", said Fr Brennan. "She wasn't different in any way except that when the crisis came in her life - and it came very early - she accepted it with faith and trust and love."

To learn more about Charlene, visit her foundation's website.

Venerable Jérôme Lejeune

Doctor Jerome Lejeune was the doctor responsible for discovering the chromosomal link to Down Syndrome. Lejeune was a caring doctor and a passionate advocate for the Downs Syndrome community. As his discoveries lead to some using the technology to identify and abort children with Down Syndrome in the womb, Lejeune became a passionate advocate for the unborn with Down Syndrome. He died on April 3, 1994 of cancer. 

To learn more about Dr Lejeune, visit his foundation's website.

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